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After logging in, click 'My' > 'Edit Profile' in the top menu. click 'Do you want to change your password?' in page and update or reset your password on the screen that appears.

Because 'Guest Login' is a temporary account, it cannot be used for a long time. Additionally, many people may use guest accounts. It can only be used for quick viewing purposes and may have limited functionality. Sign up is FREE. Apply for an account.

The candle chart pattern detection targets we provide are about 50 or more patterns that are widely applied in the market, such as 'Hammer', 'Hanger Man', and 'Mat Hold'. It is impossible to analyze patterns across numerous stocks and crypto in real time manually. Our service automates mass pattern analysis that cannot be done manually. However, for stocks with detected patterns, it is advisable to make a purchase/sell decision after additionally checking other chart analysis.

We have OHLCV (open, high, low, close, volume) data for all stocks and crypto. If you have any ideas or algorithms for pattern analysis using this data, please email us. Also, please let us know whether you would like to use the idea or algorithm only for yourself or share it with others. We will then review your ideas, inform you if we can develop them, and proceed to develop and implement a program for you.

Currently, we only collect the email, name, and password you enter when signing up as personal information. Passwords are stored after being encrypted. Please refer to the ‘Privacy Statement’ page in the above menu.

Since the person in charge checks emails almost in real time, sending it via email is the fastest way to process it.

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