Do you still trade by intuition?

Bullish/Bearish signs by analyzing candle patterns of stocks and cryptos in famous markets

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Over 8,000 stocks and crypto in major markets

Check out over 50 Candle Chart Patterns in real time in your favorite markets to Buy/Sell Decision.


Real-time pattern detection

Check real-time bullish/bearish pattern signs for each stock and crypto you are interested.


Bulk-batch pattern detection

See bullish/bearish pattern signals for all stocks and cryptocurrencies in the selected market at once. (Supports Excel download)


Implement your ideas

Let us know your pattern detection idea and we will program it for you. (Only you can use)


Open your pattern and Make money

You can earn money by sharing your own pattern detection.

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I trust your service!

Your service is truly honest and guarantees 100% satisfaction. It's amazing. We will definitely subscribe again! Your candle pattern detection signals have been of tremendous value to us.

Elizabeth Smith


This is why I need your services!

Choosing an investment items has become easier. Previously, I could only monitor a few stocks of interest, but using this service is very convenient and great because I can know the right time to invest in stocks every day. There is an explanation page for buying/selling patterns such as 'hammer' and 'kicking bullish', so it is easy to understand. More than anything, I like being able to view charts together.

Justin Cho

Day trader
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